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Article by May Al-Karooni, CEO and Founder

With the restrictions easing and the seasons changing heralding the end of summer holidays, the next big question facing businesses is what does the future of work look like? Big brands like Google and Twitter have already announced that their employees can work from home until summer 2021 and forever respectively, but for others will working from home be the new normal or is it a combination?

Transitioning back to the office comes with layers of complexity including how to rearrange the office to allow for social distancing requirements, how do you keep…

Willmott Dixon Construction Site in London, UK

Written by May Al-Karooni, CEO and Founder

In my previous article, I discussed the Mayor of London’s Circular Economy Statement draft guidance and its core principles. Building on this, today I’ll look at how increased collaboration in the sector and the involvement of design teams at a project’s initiation stage can help construction firms achieve circularity across the life span of the building process.

The construction industry today is quite fragmented; with multiple stakeholders from large contractors to small businesses traditionally working in silos, circular processes are difficult to adapt. For the construction sector to move towards becoming more circular…

Cartoon by Gatis Sluka

Written by May Al-Karooni, CEO and Founder

I am writing this blog based on our virtual panel discussion on how to achieve circularity within the built environment that we hosted last week during Circular Economy Week London. In the blogs, I will cover the draft circular economy statement, the challenges experienced with implementing CE and the key takeaways and examples of how to get it right.

Our webinar was based on the draft circular economy statement that has been recently released by the London Mayor, and we had Doug Simpson, the primary author on the call with us. The CE…

Ariel Stiglitz, Product Manager at Globechain

By Ariel Stiglitz, Product Manager

Although I’m often quick to tell an embarrassing personal story over a pint, talking about myself in public has never come easy. Instilled with the idea that people won’t care about my experience, and that it could be perceived as showing off, I’ve shied away from the blogging and publicizing that I’ve enjoyed from friends and colleagues. But faced with a professional success and a need to market it, I thought that a brief career story might be of interest to some in my network. I’ll try to keep this brief.

Like many privileged people…

Cartoonist: Terry Laban

By May Al-Karooni, CEO and Founder

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people every week experience a common mental health problem, and in the current global pandemic, this number could be a lot higher.

Start-ups are known to be stressful and fast-paced, I have always said that to succeed, you will need to embrace that 80% is mental, 10% business and 10% craziness. As the CEO of a start-up, I know that I am not only responsible for my own mental health but also my staff. …

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

By Jenn Moldovanos, Marketing Manager

At the beginning of May, we celebrated and supported Giving Tuesday. Now, a day dedicated globally to giving and acknowledging the incredible work that charities, nonprofits and NGOs have been doing especially during COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the charities, nonprofits and NGOs across the world, with an increase in demand for their services which for most can’t be delivered in the usual way due to the social distancing restrictions. The demand and the need for the services and expertise they have are going to continue even more so post-COVID-19.

Alexandra Garcia, Sustainability Strategy Manager — Globechain

Written by Alexandra Garcia, Globechain’s Sustainability Strategy Manager

My experience in business development and working in international roles over the last 12 years has driven my personal belief that businesses can be sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment while still being profitable and creating jobs. This realisation did not come easy, and as many professionals are going through the same journey now during covid-19, I feel the need to share my own hoping that I can inspire many others (or at least try) to apply their knowledge and skills to do business for good.

I started my career…

Photo by Franki Chamaki

Article by May Al-Karooni, CEO and Founder

The word sustainability has been used to describe everything “green”, but it is very intangible and hard for a corporate to measure their impact and add a figure to it. Recently this has changed with us seeing investors like BlackRock emphasise the importance of ESG data and that this will become one of the key metrics by which companies are going to be valued by.

ESG data refers to environment, social and governance data, which are the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company…

By May Al-Karooni, CEO and Founder

The current coronavirus pandemic is like a global leadership exam. Politically, we are already noticing how different countries are handling the crisis. Although we are still in the early/relatively unknown stage of what the real effect of the pandemic will be on the economy, there is a clear trend emerging… most of the countries who have handled this successfully have females elected as their leaders.

What do these leaders have in common? From the beginning, they have had robust communication strategies using technology that has not been used as PR stunts, but instead, they…

Photo by Jiroe on Unsplash

By Jenn Moldovanos, Marketing Manger

Many of us have found this lockdown period to be the perfect opportunity to follow #mariekondo’s advice of decluttering and finding joy! As a result, we’ve soon found ourselves with boxes and bags of pre-loved items ready to clear away. Many of these items are still in perfectly usable condition, so we’re looking for charity shops and other outlets where we can donate our goods rather than throwing them away.

While donating your used goods is always a great way to help the community, it’s important to be aware of the right way to give…


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